All done! While searching for the perfect backdrop for a photo with my recently finished drawing, I found myself walking along a ridgeline scattered with lichen covered stones and junipers. After setting up for the shot, I dropped low to the ground with my drawing and noticed what looked like a tiny flake of dark glass between my boots. I picked it out of the dirt and to my great surprise, saw it was an obsidian arrowhead! Right under me was a piercing reminder of how alive the desert is, a reminder that I’m just a visitor lucky enough to roam this paradise. This moment was more amazing considering I had drawn projectile points throughout this work, and titled it ” Flint, Juniper, Sky”. After a few photos I placed the petite artifact back where it was laying, pondering my place in relation to the tryptic of “Flint, Juniper, Sky”Gold and silver leaf, ink, coffee and tea, and watercolor on paper. 22×30”

Posted by:Cody Rex Chamberlain

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