New drawing!–Out on the mountain with coyotes, I realign with my natural rhythm; hike all day, draw in the evening, sleep under the moon and stars. My life was like this for a few days, not nearly long enough. Is it ever enough time? No matter how long I spend out of the desert, out where every mile brings new wonder, I’m always left with a deep sense of longing to be in the wilderness, back where everything makes sense. While backpacking I like to reduce weight in my pack, only allowing for the essentials: ink, pastels, and drawing paper. Everything I need to survive. As soon as my boots hit the ground I spotted a Golden Eagle soaring overhead. The shape of the gold leaf on my paper had been prepped with an Eagle in mind. Sometimes all the moving parts of my plans come together in a moment and I can tell it will be an amazing trip. “The Golden Land”15×22” gold leaf, pastel, ink, and coffee on paper. 

Posted by:Cody Rex Chamberlain

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