“Desert Mountain Overlook” [sold]Ink, watercolor, and coffee on paper. 30×22″ “The essence of the juniper continues to elude me unless, as I presently suspect, its surface is also the essence. Two living things on the same earth, respiring in a common medium, we contact one another but without direct communication. Intuition, sympathy, empathy, all fail…

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Great News!

I’m happy to announce that “Juniper Cross” has been accepted into the 96th annual Springville Museum of Art Salon. It’s an honor to be one of the few to exhibit into such a competitive show. This year there were nearly a thousand entries! I want to thank everyone at the museum for organizing this wonderful…

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Making my mark

My Mark: I started signing my work like this when I was a kid, after my grandmother praised it as a creative way of combining the letters of my first name. I’ve signed all my art like this ever since. I loved staying with my grandparents. They lived in a 3-story log cabin surrounded by…

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