Chamberlain completed a B.F.A. in Art and Visual Communication with an emphasis in Painting at Utah Valley University. He has been a force in the art community in Utah for over a decade, involved in many local exhibitions and winning honors in Annual Competitions. He maintains an active online presence that has won him fans and generated many sales of his work, which now resides around the world. Chamberlain spent his early years roaming the high deserts of Utah. His parents were united by a great love of the desert landscape, both of them artistic people who instilled him with a desire to express his experiences visually from a young age. Together they would hike tirelessly for miles in the desert, often in the blistering heat of midday, looking for petroglyphs and other traces of past civilizations who roamed before them.These early forays into the realms of the ancient history of the West led him to pursue post grad work in Archaeology, knowledge that has added depth and sensitivity to his expeditions to prehistorical sites. He documents his adventures consistently, as and they serve as the inspiration for his art. He enjoys sharing his experiences with others, taking groups on unforgettable outings into natural and remote areas. His current focus is on expanding his adventures and artistic work experience into unexplored territory.


My art is a visual representation of an experience, a meld of past and present experiences. Though the desert is striking to the eye, I seek to transcend what can be seen and convey my emotional and intellectual response to it. In the stark and savage beauty of the desert I see the cycle of life and death exposed. I see a skull at the base of a thriving juniper, and the first bloom of a yucca under the specter of a withered pinion pine. The unapologetic exposure of the life cycle, laid bare, is part of what makes the adventure of exploring the desert so profound. I find solace in the acceptance of the natural processes we are all subject to. In my work, I aim to appeal to what unifies rather than divides us. The elemental cycle of life and death is a central theme in my art, and nothing connects us more than our mortality.


Selected Press

From Desert to Ocean Crossings: Cody Chamberlain’s and Len Starbeck’s Intersections in Nature at the Park City Library