I was honored to receive a Jurors’ Award in The Utah Division of Arts & Museums Statewide Annual Exhibition, and eager for the opportunity being in the show affords me to advocate for the preservation of sensitive cultural and archeological sites. Procession was a work born from the strong and lasting impression a petroglyph panel housed in the gallery of the great outdoors can make. Utah has made some gestures towards protecting some sites but there is still so much work that needs to be done. The beautiful scene I painted is one of many that are in daily peril of defacement in Utah. Preserving our state’s earliest art works is crucial and whether we make the choice to do so speaks to our values. How important is art and history to us? I can’t think of a better partnership for exploring those questions than one with the Division of Arts & Museums. Come out and see the show. This year the exhibition is at the Ogden Contemporary Arts Center, and runs through January 6th. It is full of stimulating and thoughtful work from some of the finest visual artists in Utah. 

#art #painting #utah #wilderness #environment #desert_wake #codyrexchamberlainart

Posted by:Cody Rex Chamberlain

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