I have been commissioned by the State of Utah to paint a large scale oil painting for their permanent Art Collection! I will join many of the finest artists in Utah having my work displayed in state buildings like the State Capital and Courthouse, where it can be seen and enjoyed by countless members of the community. I would like to thank the Alice Merrill Horne Acquisition Committee for recommending the purchase of my work. It’s such an incredible honor. The deserts of Utah are central to my art and my life. I have already begun the best part of the process of this commission—getting out and exploring for inspiration! I feel like the junipers, sagebrush, and red cliffs have personally hired me to do my best work and I won’t let them down.

#art #utah #desert #wilderness #painting #desert_wake #codyrexchamberlainart

Posted by:Cody Rex Chamberlain

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